photo : Pierre Acobas

Interface based on a sensor array to “Hall effect”. This principle is used to detect the position of the pieces, but also the distance to the approach to control analog effects. The the FONOF is designed as a shield (extension) for the Arduino. This expansion includes 48 sensors to “Hall Effect” (magnetic) that detect the presence and distance of magnetic pieces. The sensed values ​​are transmitted via a USB cable to an application that configures the the FONOF and format data for transmission to other software music composition. Each of the squares of the board can be configured in two modes. The first, “all or nothing”, is used to trigger and stop the tracks. The second, “proportional” to control analog effects.

2010, 1 er prototype :
Thomas Sinou and Jason Cook Perte, de Signal
2011, 2nd prototype :
Maurin Donneaud and Vincent Roudeaut, La Black boxe, Paris, France.
2012, 3d prototype :
Kerwin Rolland.
Perte de signal (2010, Montreal, Canada)
STEIM (2010 Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Mains d’Œuvres (2012, Saint-Ouen, France)
Grants :
DRAC (2010, France),
DICRèAM (2010, France),
Conseil regional île Saint Denis (2012, France)
The second prototype of the FONOF, the Magnetic controller