Presented in its initial version at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis at the end of the 1990’s, is an online application developed by Jérôme Joy. The project is an online documentary-fiction and a series of interludes for the web, whose outcomes are never identical. is in a sense a sort of improbable cinema and a film without beginning, middle or end, without actors or scenario, except the stories we can construct by following the line of streamed sounds and images. is an automatic system constructed on selection processes of streaming webcams on direct around the globe, filming a shot in different places, panoramised and temporized by the editing generated on line, cut with a few black sections (listening without image). The sounds, organized in a live-calculated mix, come from a database continuously fed by a team of collaborators: Magali Babin, DinahBird, Christophe Charles, Yannick Dauby, Chantal Dumas, Emmanuelle Gibello, Jérôme Joy, Luc Kerléo, Alain Michon et Jocelyn Robert.