bopegnang moto shi ahn

Video, presented in the exhibition « Le petit Noël du… », and at Festival Filmer la Musique, 2006.

A voyage in the heart of a memory of Japan. The images were filmed in Japan in 2003. It was my only way of recording sounds. I filmed the sound of the street, of the city, the sea…, while holding a traveler’s eye on this country I was crossing.


In 2006 I decided to put together some of these images. The framework is a sound performance produced this year at ECM Réseau 2000 at the invitation of Thierry Théolier. The live titled “music for users” was played during a session of using the internet network of this association by completely neophyte listeners, without in any way disturbing their concentration during this work session; “Music for users” as a sound piece thereby becomes the consciousness of the watcher, letting image become rhythm and sound. The regard posed on Japan becomes parasited by the sound piece, just like thoughts that go far when the regard is contemplative. (extract)